Italian painter Luigi Profili was born in Ciudad del Este in Padua, Italy on June, 9 1986.

He discovered his talent for the arts, and for drawing in particular, during high school.

In 2000, he enrolled in the G. Natta Industrial Technical Institute, as an aviation student, only to discover his true passion was chemistry. He graduated as a chemist in July, 2006. This same year, after seeing a movie on the life of painter Amedeo Modigliani, Luigi discovered his passion for art, but decided not to study art in university. His passion for painting began as a way for him to give free reign to his thoughts and creativity.

He became passionate about the painters of the 1600s, like Caravaggio;  the impressionists Monet and Cezanne; the pointillists like Seurat and SignacGauguin, Van Gogh, Matisse, Klimt, and especially cubists like Picasso, abstract painters like Pollock, Rothko, De Kooning and painters like Basquiat.




He studied restoration in Padua from 2008 to 2010, but did not finish his studies. In 2010, he moved to Lima, Peru where he currently resides.

His paintings are full of strength and passion; lines and figures that move across the canvas; virgin landscapes of warm colors; the flowers of nature that possess a movement of their own; forms from space that explode in all their grandeur.

His painting is an expression of internal strength and moods that spread in a profound feeling of restlessness and expressive force.